Hello everyone! How's your saturday going? One quick update for today. 

Did you realize something different? *Pssstttt check the URL*

Yeap! Yeap! A change of the domain name to my blog. From now onwards, it's gonna be! I guess you might be wondering why the sudden change? First of all I did not realize this until my boy pointed out. His exact line was "Do you know that every time I glance at this word (*points to my two pennies worth*) I thought I saw penis!"..... Oh gosh and from there onwards I made up my mine to change the name. hahahah.

Also I was thinking that twopenceofmine is sorta long for anyone to remember. Hence the name Mabeses. Short. Simple. Easy. 

So bookmark this page from now on!

PS: Hope you guys are having an extraordinary Saturday! And hopefully I would be able to post my last part of Singapore trip by tomorrow *Fingers cross* :) 

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