Beauty Empties #2

Hey dolls! I can't believe that May flew by so fast that we're already in the first week of June. May definitely have been a productive month on Mabeses, as i definitely tried to post every Wednesday and Sundays just to get on that blogging schedule. Last week have been a missed as i've took some time off to spend it with my family. 

Right onto the subject today, I did my first beauty empties way back in October last year and i think it's about the right time to write up another post as i've been saving up some of my empties from past months. There's some loves and some likes in this bunch here. 

This toner has been my go to toner for the past 2 years and it has easily done it's job on my skin, helping me to maintain it pimple free for most part of the month. It's a refreshing toner as it's loaded with tea tree, simply making it smell refreshing in the morning and calming at night. 

I've gotten this as a Christmas present in 2012 and only came around to using it last year end. It definitely have been luxurious using this as it leaves my skin soft and subtle. The Sugar grains in this scrub is coarse which really helps in giving your skin a good scrub when you need one. It also leave a thin layer of oil which means that you don't need to slather on any lotion as the oil will keep your skin hydrated and definitely looking glowy. Oh! and did i forget to mention that it will leave your bath smelling oh so fresh of pomegranate and cranberries! This product is definitely a love for me. 

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Moisture Mask (Discontinued)
Hmmmm... where do i begin with this? I think this product was only a like for me as i'm not a big fan of nutty scented products. I know that body shop carries amazing products, but i did not feel that it did anything different with my hair after slathering this mask on and leaving it for 15 mins before rinsing it out. I might just leave this as it is here and moving on. 

Now, this is definitely a love for me! I've wrote about it here and since finishing it up, i can safely declare that this is currently my favourite cleanser. Throughout the past couple of months my skin has definitely shown sign of improvement, less oily which means less pimples. Love, love it! 

I bought this just to give it a try, testing out new products have been my favourite past time activity and i did not forget to chuck this into my Sephora basket. This so far turn out to be a like. I'm not much of a sea salt scrub kind of person, i definitely prefer a sugar scrub. Nevertheless, i think i might have found my favourite thus far *hint hint*

What product have you just emptied out? 

Disclaimer:- All the products seen above is purchased with my own money or gifted and is not sponsored. This review is intended to share information with my readers and are my own opinion. 

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