Book Club | The Longest Ride By Nicholas Sparks

Where do I even begin this emotional roller coaster ride? After watching the heart touching, tear jerking movie of "The Longest Ride" I wanted to relive the whole love story again through Mr Sparks. And boy oh boy, I just manage to put this book down and I'm still sort of in an emotional rut deep down inside. Let me sum up this book in my own perspective. 

Firstly, while delving into the book I just can't stop comparing it with the movie. Even though the movie was adapted from the book, the story just isn't the same. Similar but not the same. I wouldn't want to talk much about the movie, but generally, some events that happened in the movie is in line with the book. I would urge you to go and watch the movie if you haven't. Just like all Nicholas Sparks adapted movie, it's a true emotional roller coaster ride.

Secondly, being able to view the story from each character's point makes you understand more on the events that is happening through the book. The intensity of Ira's love for Ruth is just out of the pages. I could totally feel all the emotions, happiness, sadness and grief that Ira felt. Not gonna lie, but I did shed a tear or two during Ira's chapter - that was how intense it was. The excited feeling when Sophia met Luke for the first time. Sparks surely know how to portray all these emotions into the lines of the book. 

Lastly, the ending of the story was just something unexpected. It totally blew me away as I really didn't know what to expect of it. It was like finding a gem right at the end of the story and sort of a perfect closure to the plot. Those lose ends of the strings are finally tied and just like a perfect fairy tale, they all live happily ever after. 

Life is certainly the longest ride and Nicholas Sparks has drawn me into his North Carolina world. Have you read The Longest Ride? What do you think about it?

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